Practically Impractical

In this experiment I wanted to take the idea of tangibly visualized water and build an interface for it. My first thought was to use the same balloons as a real-time indication of water to be drawn from a faucet. Water would be drawn in specific quantities as indicated by an inflating balloon. Gesture is used to operate the device, a raising of the hand both alerts the device to your presence as well as controls the rate of inflation. An embodied interaction that allows for a learned quantification of water in small amounts.

The interface is silly, totally ridiculous. The balloon puffs and wheezes, water pours with belch-like abruptness. The interface is not perfect, error comes in the form of overflowing cups and random squirts. A serious exploration now takes a turn to the absurd. A tension has come to light: The practical considerations of water use made tangible through a device that is absurdly comedic.

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